Game Mechanics Edit

This page will discuss the technical, basic, game mechanics along with any quirks that may be useful after mastering the basics of the game. Also how to kill a man.

Basic Controls Edit

Movement Edit

  • WASD movement - Controls the wagon using W as up, S as down, A as left and D as right

Shooting Edit

  • Left click or Spacebar shoots
  • Mouse movement or Arrow Keys aim. This only occurs where applicable (a targeting cursor appears). The arrow keys fire in the direction pressed - either the four cardinal directions or diagonally.

These controls can be rebound or an XBox controller can be used.

Survival Mode Edit

  • Skunks leave their stink clouds forever (?) - try to approach them to make them run, disintegrate or kill them near the edge of the screen

Pain on the Plain Edit

  • The general strategy is to stay near the top and let the charging buffalo do most of the work. Stay near the middle to kill any buffalo that comes close to charging you

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Using the mouse left click or spacebar to resume the game from the Esc menu will cause you to use your weapon. Use the Enter key to resume the game without firing.
  • While alt tabbed in windowed mode, sometimes the game will still catch input from the spacebar. This behavior seems erratic so be sure that you have not selected the "Exit to..." options or your game will end. This is averted if you alt-tab twice - if you tab to a separate window, then tab again, the game doesn't seem to pick up any input