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The Plot!

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure is a story of a three pioneers traveling west through America between 1830 and 1870. It's fast-paced 2d shooting game with a random story made by Sparse Vector. You control a group of three pioneers traveling west along a wagon trail, playing through several sequences of short scenes that come together semi-random fashion to create an awesome adventure!

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure - Dream Build Play 2012 Trailer01:25

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure - Dream Build Play 2012 Trailer

Game Modes Edit

The following modes are available to play, in SAWA:

  • Start Adventure! - This is the main game mode where you forge your path through the 100% historically accurate portrayal of America
  • Survival - One scene in each zone where you face an onslaught of enemies fight until you're overwhelmed
  • Shuffle - Face a completely random assortment of Scenes from the game

Reference pagesEdit

  • Weapons - The variety of weapons available
  • Wagons - The multitude of wagons that can be used
  • Zones - Warning: heavy spoilers ahead!

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