Base damage will be based off of the standard pistol i.e. 1 damage = 1 pistol shot

Known health enemies will be categorized by the damage they can take

1 Health

Includes the following animals:

  • Squirrel, deer, llama, bandits (horse and raft), civilians, coyotes, piranhas, zombies, zombie turkeys, buffalo, wolves, snakes, scorpions, eagles, crows, vultures, small bears
  • Inner Demons, Painful Memories

3 Health

  • Jelly Fish, Boulders, mummies, "medium" bears, giant spiders, zombie buffalo
  • Narwhal?

5 Health

  • Large bears
  • Giant bats

High / Unknown Health

Bandit Wagon - 30 Health?

Pirate Ship - 20 health

Bandit Paddle boat



  • Each tentacle ~ 3 heatlh


  • Ghosts - Invulnerable except for contact, bombing (?)

Weapon Equivalence Edit

Laser = 1 damage? disintigrates

Magic Wand = 1 damage, disintegrates

  • Malfunction - can "Run low on magic" making the fire rate erratic and aiming slightly off center / Can get bent, not shoot straight

Diseased Pistol damage = 1 damage + poison cloud

  • Poison cloud seems to be instant kill - need testing on high health enemy

Shotgun = 1 damage / pellet

AK = ~1 damage / shot

Falcon = ~2-3 damage / second

Bow = Pierces until 5 (?) damage reached. Sometimes doesn't do full damage before piercing

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